Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Frame Folding Mechanism

The Frame Folding/separating feature allows the frame
 to either fold or be separated into two sections
 for easier transportation and storage.   Separating the frame
allows for the length of the tricycle to be reduced.

All Models of the TMX, TMX T5, Tracker 20", Tracker 20" T5
Tracker 24", and Tracker 24" T5 come standard with
the Frame Folding Mechnism.

The Terrier Hitch and TMX Hitch Models also come with the
Frame Folding Mechanism as standard.

The Tracer and Tracer Junior Models have the 
Frame Folding Mechanism as standard.

The Terrier Tricycle has the Frame Folding Mechanism as an option.
Must be ordered at the time of manufacturing the tricycle.

The frame can be folded or separated into two sections within seconds
and no tools are required.

The Tracker 24" Folded along side the rear section.

The Tracer Junior Folded

Please note:

When a customer receives one of  the tricycles listed above they will need to 
put the tricycle together at the Frame Folding Mechanism.  
The customer can then choose to leave the tricycle
together indefinitely or fold/separate the tricycle for ease of transportation as needed.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Neon Green TMX Tricycle

Introducing our new phase of trike 
The TMX in our brand new Neon green! 
Complete with Mag wheels!

Pretty COOL!! 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Tricycle Presentation Makes for Some Happy Kids

Look at all these BIG Smiles!!

Thank you to Preston's March for Energy
and everyone else involved with
Orange Crush Your Run 5K by Placers!

We look forward to 2019!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Product Alert

We would like to Alert our customers that the
Tractor Seat has been discontinued as of April 2018.

Any questions or comments please call or email our office.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tuff Trikes - Size 1 and Size 2

The TUFF Trike range has been designed for the playground environment. Low maintenance with a robust design, the TUFF Trikes are suitable for schools, cycling groups, adventure play centers or home use. The frame is constructed from large profile flat-sided oval tubing to provide extra strength to accommodate larger and heavier riders. The wheels run on sealed maintenance-free bearings and are fitted with broad tread all terrain tires.

Tuff Trike Size 1

This is the smallest TUFF Trike in the range but it shares all the fun
 characteristics of the larger model. Three sturdy wheels with 
direct drive to the front wheel.
The Tuff Size 1 comes in a GREEN frame.

 Tuff Trike Size 2

The second size in the range has a dual mainframe tube 
design for increased strength. 
Three broad wheels give extra traction over varying surfaces.
The Tuff Trike Size comes in a RED Frame.

TMX Tricycle

The TMX is a robust tricycle designed to accommodate the larger and heavier child.
The Tricycle has 20" wheels and comes standard with a caliper brake with parking brake mechanism and the frame folding mechanism.

TMX Tricycle shown with In Line Trunk Support, Foot Sandals with pulley system,
Pelvic Strap and Loop Handlebars

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How to Correctly Measure for a TRIAID Tricycle

       The correct measurements are a MUST when figuring out the correct size TRIAID tricycle.
         An inside leg measurement and arm reach measurement will help to make 
                                                 sure of the correct size of tricycle.    

          Measurements can be found on the website - http://triaid.com/tricycles.html.  
                                                           and also on the chart below!
    To measure for the arm reach - Measure from the Shoulder to a clenched fist or palm.
        To measure for the inside leg - measure from the Crotch to the bottom of the foot


Please call our toll free 800 number is further information is needed.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

TRIAID will once again be exhibiting at the 

May 5-7, 2017

New Jersey Expo & Convention Center

Find us at BOOTH # 134

The RED Trike shown above is our TMX Tricycle in a 
with Frame Folding Mechanism
Loop Handlebars, Foot Sandals with pulley system,
Pelvic Strap, and In Line Back Trunk Support

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Exciting Half time at the Delaware 87ers basketball game!!


January 14th proved to be an exciting night at the Delaware 87ers basketball.

At half time Preston's March for Energy presented 5 TRIAD Tricycles to five special kids.

Michah, Gabriel, Reagan, Jamie & Michaela were each presented with their very own tricycle.

Funding was provided by The Newark Rotary!!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year - New Possibilities!

It's a New Year and with that New Year Comes the Chance for NEW POSSIBILITIES!!    New Adventures wait in 2017.

If you know of a child who needs a chance to open up those new possibilities with a special adaptive tricycle then please take a look at our tricycles.

Looking GOOD and Feeling COMFORTABLE is important when riding a tricycle. Modern styling, the use of quality cycle components, a range of interchangeable accessories 
and a choice of TEN frame colors mean that TRIAID has something for everyone.

Why wait call today!!   1-800-306-677 or email us at sales@triaid.com.

(Tricycle shown is The Terrier Tricycle with In Line Back Trunk Support, Foot Sandals with pulley system, Cumfi Grip Handlebars, Dual Pull Pelvic Strap, Frame Folding Mechanism, and Rear Steering in Metallic Red Frame color)