Thursday, October 20, 2011

T5 Tricycles

Pictured above TMX T5 in metallic blue with basic saddle and Back Trunk Support

Derived from Theraplay's popular range of foot-propelled tricycles, the T5 Tricycle is designed for the more adventurous cyclist. Created with a robust frame that can absorb the bumps and hollows of our streets and pathways, the T5 gives the rider the ability to explore wider horizons with greater confidence.

Theraplay's design team have given special attention to the styling of the T5 Tricycle. Care has been taken to select components that will give maximum performance and enhance the appearance of the tricycle. Designed to suit the needs of teenage to adult riders, the T5 model incorporates a comfortable seating position that adjusts for growth, variable height handlebars and two forms of positive easy to use brakes.

T5 Tricycles are available with a choice of three types of gearing. A 5 Speed Shimano Indexed gearing system** gives the potential for longer distance rides where the rider is able to select the gear ratio depending upon the desired speed or gradient of hill. A single speed free-wheel gear is for riders who wish to cycle without the pedals constantly turning. This option will allow riders to navigate cycle paths and parks with ease. A fixed-gear provides the maximum therapeutic benefit for the rider and gives increased maneuverability. The foot pedals turn as the wheels turn, meaning both legs are given a thorough workout. This type of gearing enables the rider to control the speed of the tricycle with the foot pedals and to reverse if caught in a tight corner.

**5 Speed Shimano Indexed gearing system not available in the United States.

T5 available in the TMX T5, Tracker 20" T5, & Tracker 24" T5

Pictured below TMX T5 in metallic blue with comfort saddle and 5 speed Shimano gearing system.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


TRIAID Tricycles come in a variety of colors!

From Left to Right - Purple, Yellow, Titanium Silver, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Black, Orange, and Metallic Blue. (not shown Metallic Red)!

Yellow is being discontinued so please ask before ordering.

There is an extra charge for some colors! The pricing is as follows:

Frame Colors available at no Extra Charge: Red, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, or Pink (yellow while it last)

Frame Colors available for an extra $20.00: Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, & Titanium Silver

Frame Colors available for an extra $15.00: Purple

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Option Drive

The Option Drive combines the features from both a Fixed and Free Wheel Gearing system.

The gear can be locked into fixed drive mode with a locking plunger. This item has become very popular with younger riders who may become tired when pedaling constantly with a fixed drive gear.

Comes standard on the Tricycle/Trailer Hitch Combo tricycles.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Handlebar Mits

The Handlebar Mits are constructed from a neoprene type material, these supports fix the hands onto the handlebars. The support fits around the wrist and then fits over the handlebar. The mits are available in two sizes (small and medium) and in either left or right hand sides.

Foot Sandals

The Foot Sandals are available in three sizes to accommodate different sizes of feet. They are constructed from a durable ABS plastic formed into a supportive foot shape. Each Foot Sandal has two webbing cross-over straps to hold the foot firmly in place. It is possible to add a pulley system which connects to the front of the Foot Sandals. The function of this system is to prevent the toe of the rider pointing downwards towards the ground when pushing on the pedals.

Push Pull Bar

The Push Pull Bar (or Control Pole) is a guidance system which allows a parent or care giver to assist the rider. There is a front mounted bracket which allows the tricycle to be steered and guided. The rear mounted brackets is for pushing or controlling the speed of the tricycle. An adjustable height push handle version is also available.

Pelvic Straps

Pelvic Straps locate behind the saddle onto the horizontal adjuster bar located on the saddle stem.  The strap is belted around the rider when sitting on the tricycle to add security and keep the rider from sliding forward on the seat.

Padded Dual Pull Pelvic Strap

The Padded Dual Pull Pelvic Strap gives more support and is easier to adjust than the standard belt.

Basic Pelvic Strap

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Tractor Style Seat

This is the largest saddle available. It's broad seating surface makes transfer easier. It has a small raised back support to prevent the rider sliding backwards off the saddle. It is particularly useful for bigger and heavier riders.

Available on Tracker 20" and Tracker 24" tricycles only.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tricycle - Trailer Hitch Combo Unit

The Tricycle/Trailer Hitch Combo Unit is a complete TMX or Terrier tricycle for the child to ride individually. It also comes with an interchangeable extension bar for joining the TMX or Terrier tricycle to an adults cycle. This enables a child to receive cycling time on their own as well as joining in on family cycling trips. The Combo Unit comes with an Option Drive gearing system. The Option Drive combines the features from both a Fixed and Free Wheel Gearing system. The gear can be locked into fixed drive mode with a locking plunger when the child is riding on their own. When the tricycle is attached to the adult cycle the Option Drive allows for the gearing to be converted into a free wheel gear. This keeps the child from having to pedal as the adult pedals. They can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

The Tricycle/Trailer Hitch Combo Unit is currently available for only the Terrier and TMX tricycles.

(pictured TMX Tricycle Trailer/Hitch Combo Unit in Titanium Silver with In Line Back Trunk Support, Foot Sandals with Pulley System and Pelvic Strap)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rear Steering Mechanism

This system allows the parent or care giver to walk behind the tricycle and to steer. It gives the rider the impression of riding the tricycle unassisted.

Rear Steering Photo 1:

Front wheel being turned to the right by Parent/Care Giver behind the tricycle using the Rear Steering Mechanism.

Rear Steering Photo 2:

Front wheel in the center of the tricycle to move in a forward motion by Parent/Care Giver behind the tricycle using the Rear Steering Mechanism.

Front wheel being turned to the left by Parent/Care Giver behind the tricycle using the Rear Steering Mechanism.

Rear Steering is available on the Imp, Terrier, TMX, Tracker 20", and Tracker 24" tricycles. It not available on the T5 models of tricycle. Must be installed at time of manufacture.


New product updates coming soon!!!