Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas is in Full Spring here at TRIAID

Santa's Elves are working hard here at TRIAID to get Tricycles shipped out
to all the good boys and girls for Christmas.
Know someone who would like an adaptive TRIAID Tricycle for Christmas?
Call or email us for more information!!!
1-800-306-6777 or

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Have a Spooktacular Halloween

from everyone @ TRIAID!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Morgan LOVES her NEW Tri-Lo

Dad Craig emailed us this picture of Morgan on her 
New Large Tri-Lo Tricycle!

He said:

We got the new Trike and MORGAN LOVES IT!!!!

Thanks so much to you guys!!!!

Have a great weekend!!


Morgan looks pretty in PINK!!

We love Happy Riders!!!  and Happy Families!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Abilities 2016

Another Successful Abilities Expo this year!!!

Come see us in December in DC!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Winners Ride TRIAID Tricycles

Happiness = a NEW TRIAID tricycle

A past winner of a 
TRIAID Terrier tricycle

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


TRIAID Rehabilitation Products 
is proud to announce we are again 
participating in the 
sponsored by 

Check out our TRACER and TRACER Junior tricycles at 

"As well as improving physical health, cycling has a positive affect on emotional health - improving levels of well-being, self confidence and tolerance to stress while reducing tiredness, difficulties with sleep and a range of medical symptoms"   Cycling of England.


Contact the Great Bike Giveaway today to see how you can help a child!
Become an AMBASSADOR today!!

or contact TRIAID, Inc. at 1-800-306-6777 or

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Tracer and Tracer Junior Tricycles

The Tracer semi-recumbent tricycle offers unrivaled comfort and style for cycling.  From its easy-rider handlebars through to its supportive seating, the Tracer offers significantly improved handling and stability over conventional tricycles and is ideally suited to the more active and adventurous rider. The Tracer’s low center of gravity frame design offers two key benefits, ease of transfer and improved stability especially when cornering at higher speeds.   (Pictured above is the Tracer Tricycle in Cobolt Blue)

Available in two frame sizes each model is fitted with a supportive seat unit which can be adjusted along  the frame on a sliding mechanism. The seats are reclined to allow the rider to settle back into the optimum position for pushing through the pedals. The easy-rider handlebars are height and angle adjustable to allow the rider to obtain the best position for steering. Self balance pedals with toe clips and a pelvic strap are fitted for a little extra support.  (Pictured above is the Tracer Junior in Cherry Red)

Key Features:

The Tracer Supportive Seat

Self Balance Pedals with Toe Clips

Padded Dual Pull Pelvic Strap

Disc Brake

Tracer Junior Folded


  • Low step through frame for ease of transfer
  • Adjustable sliding seat mechanism
  • Front suspension fork with disc and V-style braking and parking brake
  • Frame folds/separates for transportation
  • Self balance pedals with toe clips
  • Detachable seat unit

Additional Accessories Available:

  • Puncture proof tires
  • Light set
  • Gearing options
  • Foot Sandals
  • Leg Calipers
  • Push Pull Bar

Measurements for the Tracer Junior:

  • Overall Length - 70″
  • Overall Width - 31 1/2″
  • To Suite Inside leg - Minimum 21″ & Maximum 28″
  • Seat to Ground - 19 1/2″
  • Top of Seat to Ground 31″
  • Wheel Size - Front Wheel -20″ & Rear Wheel - 20″
  • Maximum User Weight - 200 lbs

Tracer Junior Features: 

  • 4" Cranks
  • 18T Gearing
  • Fixed Gear or Freewheel Gear
  • Folding Mechanism

Measurements for the Tracer:

  • Overall Length - 76″
  • Overall Width - 31 1/2″
  • To Suite Inside leg - Minimum 25″ & Maximum 32″
  • Seat to Ground - 20 1/2″
  • Top of Seat to Ground - 32″
  • Wheel Size - Front Wheel -20″ & Rear Wheel - 24″
  • Maximum User Weight - 220 lbs

Tracer Features:

  • 5" Cranks
  • 18T Gearing
  • Fixed Gear or Freewheel Gear
  • Folding Mechanism

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Adjustable Head Support

The Multi-Axis Head Support can be used in Conjunction with the In-Line Trunk Support to offer additional support.