Thursday, June 9, 2011

Handlebar Mits

The Handlebar Mits are constructed from a neoprene type material, these supports fix the hands onto the handlebars. The support fits around the wrist and then fits over the handlebar. The mits are available in two sizes (small and medium) and in either left or right hand sides.

Foot Sandals

The Foot Sandals are available in three sizes to accommodate different sizes of feet. They are constructed from a durable ABS plastic formed into a supportive foot shape. Each Foot Sandal has two webbing cross-over straps to hold the foot firmly in place. It is possible to add a pulley system which connects to the front of the Foot Sandals. The function of this system is to prevent the toe of the rider pointing downwards towards the ground when pushing on the pedals.

Push Pull Bar

The Push Pull Bar (or Control Pole) is a guidance system which allows a parent or care giver to assist the rider. There is a front mounted bracket which allows the tricycle to be steered and guided. The rear mounted brackets is for pushing or controlling the speed of the tricycle. An adjustable height push handle version is also available.

Pelvic Straps

Pelvic Straps locate behind the saddle onto the horizontal adjuster bar located on the saddle stem.  The strap is belted around the rider when sitting on the tricycle to add security and keep the rider from sliding forward on the seat.

Padded Dual Pull Pelvic Strap

The Padded Dual Pull Pelvic Strap gives more support and is easier to adjust than the standard belt.

Basic Pelvic Strap

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Tractor Style Seat

This is the largest saddle available. It's broad seating surface makes transfer easier. It has a small raised back support to prevent the rider sliding backwards off the saddle. It is particularly useful for bigger and heavier riders.

Available on Tracker 20" and Tracker 24" tricycles only.