Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Product - Contour Saddle

This large saddle is contoured to help tilt the pelvis to stop the rider sliding forward on the saddle. The contoured shape holds the pelvis in a good position and the raised front section helps to abduct the legs to stop scissoring or the coming together of the knees.

Both styles of trunk support can be used with the NEW contour saddle.

Benefits of the contour saddle are as follows:

- Its anatomic shape means that rider sits more into the saddle
- the seat shape angles the pelvis to a better riding position
- its broad which again gives good pelvic stability.
- there is a raised medial section in the seat that acts in the same way as
pommel by helping to abduct the legs slightly
- shaped so that it provides better seating position & much less likelihood
of sliding forward in the seat. Best used in conjunction with standard or
padded pelvic straps.

Can ONLY be fitted to TMX, Tracker 20", Tracker 24" & T5 trikes.
Must be specified at time of order.

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