Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tri-Lo Handcycle

TRI-LO hand propelled tricycles have been designed specifically to provide mobility, fun therapy and independence for children. Appealing to children of all ages, special attention has been placed upon designing the TRI-LO so tat it combines the excitement of cycling with the independence of mobility to provide hours of fun activity.

Available in three sizes, the exercise provided by these trikes is highly recommended by therapists for children with Spina Bifida and any other child where the use of their lower limbs is restricted. Propelled by hand pedals, the TRI-LO is a responsive tricycle which is easy to steer and control. A robust frame with allowance for growth ensures the rider can gain a comfortable sitting position to pedal and steer. Braking is provided by a reverse braking system which means the rider's hands never have to leave the hand pedals when controlling the trike.

The convenience of using a TRI-LO was a key criterion in its design. Parking brakes have been fitted on both rear wheels and a low foot platform and wide seat with swing away armrests have been incorporated to enable easy side transfers from both sitting and standing. The addition of a frame folding facility which allows the TRI-LO to be transported easily i a car is also a major benefit as it enables the rider to experience varying terrain and stimulates participation.

So for riding to a friend's house, playing or exploring new places, it can all be achieved on a TRI-LO tricycle.
FEATURES: • Low foot platform for ease of transfer • Padded seat and back cushion • Adjustable frame • Back pedal brake • Parking brakes • Detachable padded armrests to aid transfer • Frame folding facility • Enclosed chain guard • Adjustable steering restrictor • Choice of frame color

OPTIONAL ACCESSORY ITEMS: • Push Handle • Rear Carrier Basket • Fixed Gear Wheel • Caliper/leg Rests • Padded Pelvic Strap • Puncture Proof Tires

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