Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Imp Tricycle

 The Imp Tricycle is designed with younger children in mind.

It is suitable for children from 2 1/2 years. The tricycle has a low gear ratio for easy pedaling, 12 1/2" wheels, and smaller handlebars for those smaller fingers and hands.  (Imp above pictured with Back Trunk Support with padding, Foot Sandals with pulley wheel, and Pelvic Strap)

The Basic Back Trunk Support for the Imp Tricycle has a broader wrap-around support with a waist strap which has vertical and horizontal adjustments.  The broad upholstered support gives extra stability to younger children.  A Pelvic Strap can be added for more pelvic control.

Other accessory items available for the Imp tricycle are:  
and Puncture Proof Tires.   

The Imp Tricycle comes with a Standard 16T gearing for easy pedaling.

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